Eden Stearn

Eden Stearn is one of our PGCE Secondary Mathematics students. We talk to him to find out what his plans are and how he's found the course at London Met so far.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and what brought you to London Met in particular?

I studied my undergraduate degree programme with The Open University whilst working as a teaching assistant in a SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) school. My role as a teaching assistant showed me that I had the potential to be a great teacher and so I sought out teacher training programmes and found London Met!

What made you want to study in London?

I live here.

What's your favourite part of the course so far and why?

The lecturers and course leaders.

Can you tell us about any work-related experience or placements you've done as part of the course? 

I will undertake two placements, School Experience A for half the school year, and School Experience B for the other half. My first placement is going very well and I'm integrating into the life of the school well. I'm enjoying being able to get some hands-on teaching under my belt and have found the University to be very supportive in the days I have been back for our intensive training and practice sessions. 

What's been most challenging about being a student?

The workload is quite high, with high expectations too, though I'm trying my best to get it all done.

How have you found the professors / teachers?

Informative and supportive so far.

What drives you?

A love for my profession and a passion for education to be available to all irrespective of background/situation.

What are you most proud of in your life so far?

My partner and my relationship with my family.

Do you have a favourite place within the University and why?

There's a particular corner in the independent study area next to the Junction café that I have a soft spot for.

Are you working whilst studying? Tell us more...

No, teacher training for maths in the UK fortunately comes with a liveable bursary.

Any tips for students new to London Met?

Walk around a bit with a map, the Holloway campus is a rabbit warren!

Tell us a little bit about your interests outside of uni and why they are important to you.

I love music, I play guitar and piano and use this as an outlet for my creativity (when I'm not trying to be creative with my lesson planning). I also play 'playground-style' sports games mixed with HIT exercises with a club called 'Rabble'.

What's your plan when you graduate, and how do you think London Met will help you succeed in this?

I am planning on becoming an ECT in maths, and London Met and its PGCE teacher training course will have given me almost all the relevant skills I will need for this.

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"I'm driven by a love for my profession and a passion for education to be available to all irrespective of background/situation."