Nadia Rahab
Photograph of Dr Nadia Rahab

Nadia Rahab

Nadia has successfully led the Translation MA at London Metropolitan University since 2005 and is an experienced senior lecturer in Translation Studies. Under her leadership, the MA Translation course has developed and grown into a thriving programme that offers first class education and training for specialised translators. She strongly believes in translator training and education that have students at their very centre and are dedicated to fostering knowledge and skills that not only address their academic needs but also prepare them for a successful professional career

Nadia is fully committed to developing Translation Studies at London Metropolitan University and actively contributes to cultivating partnerships with other institutions (such as People’s Friendship University of Russia), collaborative links with professional bodies (the Chartered Institute of Linguists) and membership of EU and UN academic consortia such as the European Master's in Translation (EMT) and CIUTI.

Nadia's qualifications:

  • BA in Translation and Interpreting,  Algiers University (Algeria)
  • MA in Comparative Literature and Literary Translation, Warwick University (UK)
  • Ph.D. Discourse Problems in Translating The Qur’an into English, Edinburgh University (UK)

Nadia teaches the following subjects:

  • The Translator and the Translation Process
  • Theoretical Issues in Translation
  • Practical Translation (English – Arabic) and (English – French)
  • Translating for International Organisations
  • She also supervises MA translation projects and dissertations
  • Research methodology

Translation short courses:

  • Training the Trainer (Translation)
  • Tailor made translation courses

Supervision of PhD students and external examiner duties

Nadia supervises PhD students working on a variety of topics such as:

  • Problems of Translating Qur’an synonymy into English
  • Ideological and Cultural Constraints in Audiovisual Translation with Reference to Dubbing The Simpsons Into Arabic
  • The Role of Translation in Shaping Media and Political Discourses in Times of Conflicts: The Syrian Spring in Context
  • Translating original or ‘new’ metaphors from Spanish to English in the novels of Carmen Laforet

She has also acted as external examiner to undergraduate and postgraduate translation courses and for a number of PhD theses.   

  • Interpreter Modifications of Discourse Features in the Media: A Study of the Broadcast Trial of Saddam Hussein, Herriot Watt University, 2011
  • The Translation of Hadith: A Skopos-theory Approach’, Salford University, 2013
  • A Comparison of Concept Systems of  Arabophone Morocco vs. Francophone  Belgium, KU Leuven University, 2016
  • Al-Munqidh mina al Dalal in English with Special Focus on Retranslation, Salford University, 2016

Research interests

  • Translation theory
  • Translator training and pedagogy
  • Issues in Qur’an translation (discourse, textuality, reception)
  • Gender-based translation

Contribution to research projects

  • The QUALETRA project (a two-year project on Quality in Legal Translation) funded by the EU Directorate for Justice in the context of the implementation of Directive 2010/64/EU on the Right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings ( 2012-2014) 

Nadia is also a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Specialised Translation (JosTrans).

Dr Nadia Rahab
MA Translation Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies