Dr Damilola Makanju

Damilola is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology who teaches and researches in the area of Social and Organisational Psychology at the School of Social Sciences and Professions.

Damilola joined London Met in 2023 after holding teaching and research positions at the University of Exeter (UK), Bath Spa University (UK) and Alex Ekweme Federal University (Nigeria).

Damilola's educational journey started in Nigeria, where he graduated from the University of Lagos with a BSc in Psychology. He then completed an MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter. After his MSc, Damilola was an Assistant Lecturer at the Alex Ekweme Federal University (Nigeria), where he lectured in modules centred on the areas of Social, Environmental, Organisational and Experimental Psychology. Subsequently, he completed a PhD in Psychology from the University of Exeter. Damilola's PhD research involved investigating the role of African history in social identity processes and collective political action among Africans (i.e., African identity) and intergroup relations between non-Africans and Africans. Moreover, During his PhD, Damilola held a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant position in the Department of Psychology, where he taught undergraduate modules in the areas of Social Psychology (e.g., Social Practical) and Research Methodology (e.g., Qualitative Methods and Interview Skills, Methods and Statistics in Psychology).

After Damilola's PhD, he completed a Post-doctoral research position at the University of Exeter, where he investigated the causes of the minority ethnic attainment/awarding gap in legal professional assessments – a project funded by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. During his Postdoc, Damilola held an Associate Lecturer position at Bathspa University in the Business School, where he supervised Master's (MA) students dissertations on topics in Organisational Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Consumer Psychology, Equality/Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Business Strategy; and Leadership.

Damilola teaches Social and Organisational Psychology across different levels at London Met. He contributes to the following modules:
1. Social Influences on Thinking and Behaviour - PC4055
2. Special Topics in Personality and Social Psychology - PC6009
3. Social Psychology - P77011
4. Research Project - PY7PA6
Damilola's research interest, in broad terms, focuses on the development of psychological theory and its application to tackling human- and social-related problems facing disadvantaged and minority groups using a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative approaches. This involves investigating topics like collective history, identity management strategies, collective political action, social change, intergroup felt understanding, intergroup relations, ethnic attainment/awarding gap in academic contexts, emotions, and prejudice reduction.
Damilola is a member of the World-Making Things (Social Psychology) Research Group, University of Exeter.
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Damilola co-heads the partnership between London Met and the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) for the BNA's Scholars Programme.

Dr Damilola Makanju
Senior Lecturer in Psychology