Bettina Coleman-Schoels

Bettina is Head of International Engagement at Guildhall School of Business and Law, enhancing and improving international student experience.


Female lecturer Bettina Coleman-Schoels

Bettina Coleman-Schoels

Bettina is a fully qualified Business Psychologist (MSc, BSc) and Educator (SFHEA, PGCELT) with management experience in different industries. For many years she worked in the field of hotel management and organisational development, before moving across to psychology and education. Since then, she has continued in various management roles with excellent results.

She has worked internationally in education as an Academic Liaison Tutor and Subject Specialist with universities in Spain, Germany, Greece and Nepal. In addition, Bettina was a Specialist External Examiner for the University of Chester and London Southbank University.

Her current role focuses on international students in our Guildhall School of Business and Law where Bettina works together with colleagues and students from across the university to ensure the best possible learning and university experience.

Bettina's teaching experience ranges from business psychology modules to consumer psychology, critical theory, management, critical management, consultancy and research methods. She has successfully led a level 6 dissertation module for 8 years and is currently leading the consultancy module.

These modules cater for different courses in our Guildhall School of Business and Law. As a result, Bettina contiues to exercise agility, supportiveness and inclusivity.

Additionally, she has been a course leader for prominent courses for the past 7 years, including our BA Business Management. During this time she has introduced many innovative features that have been utilised by her successors, with great success.

Her aim as a leader is to work with people, from managers, to peers and students, ensuring best results. Bettina has received excellent feedback from across the board so far.

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Bettina Coleman-Schoels, GSBL Head of International Engagement