Dr Ben Gascoyne

Ben is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at the School of Social Sciences and Professions.

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Ben has a background in social epidemiology, and experience working in global health, disability research and public health policy. Before joining London Met he worked at the WHO Collaborating Centre on Investment for Health and Well-being at Public Health Wales, where his research focused on the effects of cold homes on health.

Module leader for Health Project (Health and Social Care BSc)

Ben's primary interest is understanding the impacts of urban housing conditions on health, particularly among people with disabilities. He has worked on a wide range of projects including observational and experimental studies in epidemiology and implementation research, and has used mixed-methods and participatory designs to produce evidence to inform public health policy. He is a member of the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care.

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Dr Ben Gascoyne
Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care