Exploring different dimensions of health and wellbeing

London Met's 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference delved into the research taking place across the university on a range of topics.

Date: 16 March 2022

London Met recently held its 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference (AIHWRC), which offered a range of great presentations and panel discussions from staff and students at the School of Social Sciences and Professions. 

Organised by the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care, the AIHWRC was a day-long event, delivered online, and attended by 14 speakers, around 100 students, and members of staff. 

Since its inception, the mission of this conference has been to share knowledge showcasing new and in-progress research conducted by London Met staff and students at all degree levels, and to provide catalyst for research collaborations as well as to engage in lively discussions with our students. 

This year, we explored different dimensions of health and wellbeing through the following five sessions: 1) Vulnerable groups in London communities; 2) Developmental and mental health needs; 3) Health behaviours; 4) Health and work; 5) Educational approaches. 

The AIHWRC places interdisciplinarity at the heart of the programme, which was reflected in the areas of the School represented, which this year included Social Work, Psychology, Criminology, and Health. The topics presented spanned intervention development to tackle youth violence, urban rewilding, quality of life in dementia patients, recommendations to support LGBTQ+ communities, minoritised communities and mental health, and education tools for promoting positive father involvement amongst other themes. Most projects are firmly rooted in knowledge exchange research activities involving local authorities, NHS, voluntary organisations and local community participation. 

Some of the comments that our fabulous students posted during the conference were:

  • "Thanks to all moderators, all presentations have opened a wider way on how one can work on these projects."
  • "Thank you so much to the entire team, we much appreciate your very brilliant presentations."
  • "The seminar has been very interesting and has shed light on both my studies and society at large." 

You can catch up on all the recordings from the conference on our YouTube channel.

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