Why this Disney producer gets animated about London Met

“It was a great environment to study in,” says graduate Saskia Thal.

Date: 15 August 2017

BA (Hons) in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations graduate Saskia Thal has forged an impressive career since finishing her studies at London Met.

The talented graduate worked as an analyst for retail giant Amazon, before joining the Walt Disney Company as a digital producer.

Saskia looks back at her London Met degree with affection, and thinks the focus on practical, hands-on projects has helped her succeed.

“I really enjoyed my time at London Met, I thought it was a great environment to study in,” she says. “The course was very interactive and we had to do a lot of project related work which was great. We learned how to work in a team. London Met is also very diverse so we had people from all over the world on my course, which I loved.”

Saskia’s favourite aspect of her course was the interactive element and the opportunity for project based work: “For most of my courses we had to create campaigns, come up with products, develop plans and present it in the class. While it was challenging at the time, it did help me for my future career.”

London Met gives you real world experience as part of your course 

This practical approach is at the heart of London Met’s curriculum. All undergraduates on all courses take an innovative work-related learning module, which sees them complete work placements and internships, volunteer, or work on a live project as part of their course. Alternatively, they can take a bespoke enterprise module on setting up a business, delivered by London Met’s business incubator, Accelerator.

Since London Met launched the work-related learning module, graduate employment has increased significantly. More than 95% of all 2016 London Met graduates are in work or further study six months after leaving university, the latest government figures show.  

A varied role 

For Saskia, working at Disney offers variety and the chance to be creative.

“A friend of mine told me that Disney was looking for a Digital Producer. When I read the job description it really suited my experience and interests, so I applied and got the job,” she says.

“The variety in my current role is what I love the most. On one hand I have to think analytically using data and reports to analyse user journeys and behaviour. On the other hand I can be creative and think of new designs and ways to improve the website to enhance customer experience.”

When she’s not busy working for one of the biggest mass media companies in the world, Saskia can be found enjoying art and photography, or catching-up with friends.

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