Top designer meets Textiles students

Edward Crutchley spoke to a group of students about careers in design and the power of a good portfolio.

Date: 02 February 2021

London Met’s Textiles BA students explored careers in design with a visit from luxury fashion designer Edward Crutchley, with whom they have recently been working on a live project.

The only designer to have ever won two Woolmark Prizes in one year, Yorkshire-born Edward Crutchley’s eponymous label is at the forefront of innovative British fashion. He has worked with a number of major brands including Pringle, Kanye West and is currently collaborating with Louis Vuitton. He has also worked closely with London Met’s very own Karen Coughlan, Designer and Senior Textile Design lecture, since his first collection over a decade ago, on everything from her specialism in knitwear to sourcing, styling and shows.

Shannon-Jaide Hyland, one of the students in attendance, said "I enjoyed the insight into Edwards’ self-proclaimed “magpie mind,” which is something I can relate to. There’s something magical about seeing the shimmer of all the things that catch the eye and capture the mind.

"I especially appreciated the inspiration in his portfolio, taken from one of my favourite periods - the Tudor/ Elizabethan era - and his touch on myths and obvious appreciation for an amalgamation of cultures and craftsmanship."

Asked what his advice would be for successfully getting a design job post-graduation, Crutchley said: "be persistent; make yourself memorable; have your CV and portfolio in a format that's hard to forget; have a strong cohesive portfolio at the ready, evidencing professionalism; have an open approach with what you are going for, say YES to everything; think about, not necessarily what you want in the end, but what will get you there."

Crutchley studied his craft at Central Saint Martins, and his talent was further honed after graduation by an ongoing role at Dior Homme. He describes his clothes as "grounded in tradition, with a true response to and rethinking of craftsmanship and materials."

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