Think, make, play with Creative Music Technologies

Creative Music Technologies invites you to experience expert tuition and state of the art equipment at a free taster workshop.

Creative Music Technologies BA will be hosting free taster workshops on Monday 11 September, giving students the opportunity to learn hands on from experienced professional producers and engineers.

Creative Music Technologies BA at London Met is designed to explore the music studio and live sound in innovative ways. Students work on collaborative projects across a number of disciplines, using new technologies in sound, music and media.

This summer prospective and current students are invited to experience first-hand the facilities available at London Met with Stephen Good, Lecturer in Music Production, who has previously worked with artists such as Kate Nash, Tom Biller and Mystery Jets.

The specially designed sessions will expand on ideas of Music Production and Recording, and will introduce further creative music technologies. The facilities at London Met include 3 state of the art Music Studios, all equipped with surround sound systems, 5k Apple iMac’s and Digital Audio Workstations, including Pro Tools, Logic X and Nuendo. Further equipment available includes a large range of industry standard microphones, musical instruments and percussion.

The workshop itinerary includes:

Recording techniques - an introduction to the basics of recording techniques

  • Exploring Pro Tools and Logic X
  • Microphone techniques
  • Interfacing and recording consoles

Production and mixing - an introduction to the basics of audio production and mixing

  • Stages of professional mixing
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
  • EQ and Compression

Recording techniques masterclass - advanced Recording Techniques

  • Advanced recording techniques
  • Multi-track recording techniques
  • Signal routing and outboard processing

Production and mixing masterclass - advanced Production and Mixing Techniques

  • Advanced mixing techniques
  • Bussing and auxiliary processing
  • Side-chaining and parallel processing

To register for the workshops visit Eventbrite or contact Stephen Good on s.good[at]