"The greatest accomplishment of my life"

The opportunity to study in a city overflowing with culture drew Erandi to London Met, who this week graduates with a Business Administration BA.

Date: 3 August 2021

The city of London provided an incredible backdrop for Erandi Harshani Pushpamala Jayasiri to undertake her studies in.

Graduating this week with a Business Administration BA (Hons), Erandi was drawn to the capital, which she describes as "overflowing with culture, history, entertainment and unforgettable cuisine.

"It’s hard to know where to start when making an itinerary for things to do in London. From iconic landmarks like the Shard, the London Eye, and the O2, to quirky hidden gems, we’ve got all the best experiences in one place."

Asked how it felt to complete her studies, she said, "it’s one of the happiest feelings. It feels like I’ve won the world series… I consider this the greatest accomplishment of my life."

While the pandemic has meant that Erandi’s learning experience, like that of students around the world, has largely taken place virtually, she says "I didn’t feel isolated in any way. The first few weeks were a mix of highs and lows, but I had my online classes, I kept in touch with friends via Zoom, phone and Messenger and I managed to get a lot of work completed."

Erandi chose London Met because of her career ambitions. Asked about what she would tell people applying to university now, she said, "If you’re looking to improve your job prospects, change career direction or simply pursue a passion, London Met is an excellent choice for postgraduate study.

"The University’s wide range of MA, MSc, MPhil and PhD programmers offer more than just academic qualifications, with many having the added advantage of professional accreditation."

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