"Studying alongside people from different cultures gives you different perspectives"

Completing a degree amid the pandemic was a challenge for new Psychology grad Alice, but her experiences of it provided an important component for her first-class dissertation.

Date: 3 August 2021

London Met’s multicultural student body and diversity was a major advantage in Alice Boura Oliveira’s experience of university.

Alice, who graduates this week with a Psychology BSc, said "being alongside people from different cultures, and more importantly, with different perspectives, is crucial for a human being to grow as an individual - that was the best thing about studying at London Met."

"In my course, without any doubt, the best thing was all the support given by staff. I must thank all my lectures since my foundation year until my final year. But most importantly, my dissertation supervisor, Dr Monica Pereira for always supporting me and for never allowing me to give up but also for always believing in my research and being as excited as I was about it; my academic mentor, 

"Olaide, for being the most important person throughout my degree, for always providing me with the most valuable feedback and advice and for being so supportive and patient. To Professor Chris Chandler for making Biopsychology, Clinical Neuroscience so fun to learn and making me fall in love with the neuroscience field. Also, to Dr Paul for always being so kind, supportive, and always available to help me. Every single lecturer I had truly made my experience enjoyable and enriching.

Asked about the best thing about studying in the UK’s capital city, Alice said, "Everything. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

"London gave me the opportunity to grow as a person, meeting people from all over the world is life changing as we get to know their cultures more and share experiences and backgrounds. But also, being able to experience an outstanding education was crucial to help me achieve good results."

Completing a degree amid the uncertainty and tragedy of a pandemic has been a challenge for students the world over, including Alice, who found there were times that she wanted to give up on her studies. In the end, however, the pandemic provided an important component of her final dissertation, exploring sleep quality, mental health and mental toughness in university students. 

"I decided to explore these issues during the pandemic as I experienced them myself," she explains. "It is amazing when you can research something you are so interested about and being supported at the same time, makes everything so easy.

"I learnt how perseverance, resilience and motivation are the key to success. The most remarkable thing I have achieved was an 80% mark on my dissertation, as I never thought I would get a first."

As for her advice to current students? "Stay focused, curious, motivated, and never give up," she says.  "Always think about the reason why you started and stick with that. Make the most of this experience, it’s a one in a lifetime experience. But also, enjoy, because London Met has so much to offer!"

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