Student Led Module Feedback Scheme provides enrichment to module leaders

Module leaders receive some insightful feedback from the Student Led Module Feedback Scheme

An innovative scheme to empower students and lecturers at London Metropolitan University has proved a major success in its second year.

The Student Led Module Feedback Scheme offers students the opportunity to shape their course in real time by sharing their thoughts about their learning experience. This feedback is shared with their lecturers who work with students to make changes to enhance their learning.

In total, 31,592 questionnaires were sent to 8264 students, of which 7154 replies were received.

Comments from students included:

"Help is given to develop brief for each individuals work."

"Love this class, entirely practical, so it keeps us all happy!"

"Everyone in the studio can help others think of ideas."

"I am astounded by X’s knowledge, she is a fantastic teacher, who sees through the obvious and peels away the layers of our performances to dig down to the intricacy behind each action."

Following the scheme, a survey was conducted among teaching staff to find out what they thought about the initiative. Nearly 60% of staff said that the outcomes of this year's scheme would have an impact on their future practice.

Comments included:

"I am surprised how positive they were!"

"It is always beneficial to reflect upon one's own teaching and learning approach in order to develop better practice."

"Reduce the length of any given presentation. Make presentations shorter and more 'punchy'."

Cécile Tschirhart, Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes, said: “Through implementing the Student Led Module Feedback Scheme, staff learned a lot about their practice including implementing innovative ideas for teaching (in particular on the Virtual Learning Environment), improving feedback to students, and communication within teams. Staff also valued the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching.”

A presentation outlining the scheme is available here .

Cécile added, “We note from the survey that, in general, students are satisfied with their modules and that staff are good at explaining things and making the subject interesting. Students have also told us that they want more individual support and specific feedback on their progress.”

The Student Led Module Feedback Scheme is one of London Met’s Five Star Student Promise, which aim to enhance students’ experience at the University.