Social marketing: changing the world for good?

Dr Chahid Fourali was recently asked to present the concept of social marketing alongside leading industry experts.

Date: 23 June 2017

Dr Chahid Fourali, course leader for Business Management and Marketing BA, has recently been selected by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to take part in Five Great Minds.

Five Great Minds, run by the Levitt Group, brings together leading executives, academics and authors to share their knowledge with the CIM’s most experienced and senior members. It is an opportunity to listen to and question experts at the forefront of their field, to maintain professional knowledge and Chartered Marketer status.

Dr Fourali was asked to deliver a presentation about social marketing, in recognition of his book, The Promise of Social Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Changing the World for Good, which was published in 2016 by Routledge.

Chahid was joined by four other external speakers, including established marketers such as Lucy Loh and Patrick Hoverstadt from Fractal Consulting, Professor Gloria Miss from Buckingham University, James Sales from Motivational Maps and Ruth Saunders from Galleon Blue.

“Social marketing is the discipline that makes use of the powerful techniques of marketing, and other field of studies, such as psychology and sociology, to help address many social problems, such as obesity or even terrorism,” said Dr Fourali.

“The concept encourages a genuine interest in resolving social problems by considering all avenues/factors rather than just looking for patchy quick fix solutions. Since the publication of my book on the topic last July there has been an increased interest in the area. It would be nice to believe that I have contributed a little to such rise in interest”