Making marketing research more accessible

Dr Chahid Fourali has collaborated with marketing research practitioners from around the world to bring together a publication which investigates how to make marketing more successful.

Date: 19 December 2017

A senior lecturer in London Met’s Guildhall School of Business and Law has had his latest work published.

Dr Chahid Fourali, senior lecturer in Business Management and Marketing BA, produced and edited a significant number of chapters of ‘Marketing Research: Planning, Process, Practice,’ a new book which explores the concept of marketing and the research methodology that supports it. The book covers all key aspects of the marketing research methodology.

“Qualitative research is one of the areas of interest to me and I welcomed the challenge to assume responsibility over this important area of research that is continuously developing,” said Dr Fourali.

“I saw the challenge as an opportunity to develop my understanding as well as helping others do so. Qualitative research is also a very human enterprise as it is about probing into meanings and what people value as well as the many philosophies underpinning the various approaches. It is also a contested area where a huge amount of debates take place as it is at the heart of what constitutes ‘valid science.’”

Published by Sage Publishing, the book outlines the key principles and skills involved at each step of the marketing research process, providing readers with targeted, practical solutions to a range of issues and equipping them with the tools they need to overcome the common pitfalls of designing research projects.

Dr Fourali worked alongside Riccardo Benzo, Associate Lecturer in Management at Birkbeck University of London, and Marwa Gad Mohsen, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College in Saudi Arabia, to bring the book together.

“The book helps make Marketing Research Methodology more accessible to students who may value more a practical approach,” Dr Fourali explained.

“Regarding the qualitative dimension, it brings together a wealth of information about the available options to the researcher, which are not always included in the standard academic books.”

Currently, academic colleagues from the University and other institutions are able to get an inspection copy of the book free of charge from the Sage website.