RSA Makers Summit

Cass Cities Professor Mark Brearley to speak at RSA Makers Summit.

Professor Mark Brearley who heads Cass Cities is one of the speakers at the RSA Makers Summit  2015 on 2 December. Mark will take part in a session entitled 'Meet the 21st Century Makers' where a diverse group of makers will share their experiences of creating, varying from traditional crafts to hi tech robotics.

The sold out event can be listened to / watched online from 10.30am.

A new industrial revolution is in full swing – but how much do we really know about it?

The arrival of new tools such as 3D printers and Raspberry Pi, the growing consumer appetite for home-grown UK products, and the emergence of open access ‘makerspaces’ have all played a part in enabling and encouraging more people to try their hand at making. Government data shows that the number of one-person manufacturing businesses has grown by nearly 30 percent since 2000.

However, despite much commentary about this trend, there is still much that we do not know about the implications of a growing community of makers, such as:

  • What has fuelled the growth of making, and can it last?
  • How much of this activity will lead to world class maker start-ups?
  • What bearing will it have on the UK’s fragile manufacturing base?
  • Will it help the UK transition to a more prosperous and sustainable economy?

In a bid to answer all of these questions and more, we have gathered together some of the brightest sparks in the maker movement. Join us for this all-day feast of ideas with some of the world's leading inventors, tweakers, crafters, doers and visionaries.


Image of Mark Brealey

See a full agenda and speaker list/ watch live on the RSA website.

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