London Met Professor recognised for outstanding contribution to radio and sound studies

Dr Peter Lewis's exceptional achievements were acknowledged at the 2023 ECREA conference.

Date: 20 October 2023

Professor of Media and Culture in the School of Computing and Digital Media at London Met, Dr Peter Lewis, has been lauded for his remarkable contributions to the field of Radio and Sound Studies.

On September 6, during annual Radio and Sound Section conference (RSS) of the European Communication and Research Association (ECREA) held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, he was honoured with the prestigious 'Outstanding Contribution to Radio and Sound Studies' award.

In 2005, he co-founded the three-year European radio network, known as IREN (International Radio Research and Education Network), which has played a crucial role in advancing radio and sound studies in Europe and beyond.

In addition to his role in IREN, Dr Lewis gained renown as the founding figure behind the United Kingdom's Radio Studies Network (RSN). His work in this capacity has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of radio studies, fostering academic collaboration, and promoting a deeper understanding of radio as a medium of communication.

Recognising his remarkable efforts and dedication to the field, Dr Lewis has been invited to deliver a keynote presentation on October 28 at the RSN's 25th Anniversary Conference, set to take place in Sunderland. This event will celebrate the quarter-century mark of RSN's significant contributions to the study of radio and sound, further highlighting Dr Lewis's lasting imprint on this academic community.

The award is testament to Peter’s pivotal role in establishing radio studies as a recognised discipline in the academic world. His contributions have not only fostered a deeper appreciation for the cultural and social significance of radio but have also brought academics and researchers from across the world together to explore and expand the horizons of radio and sound studies.

Dr Peter Lewis