London Met joins Horizon2020 project MIMY

The project aims to improve the situation of young migrants throughout Europe.

Date: 02 November 2020

Professor Louise Ryan, director of the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre, has brought her latest research project, MIMY, to London Met.

MIMY is an EU-funded project aiming to improve the situation of young migrants throughout Europe. In order to derive evidence-based policy recommendations, the 12 multinational partners will examine the effectiveness of integration policies in an interdisciplinary research endeavour.

Most importantly, MIMY will put the experiences of young migrants at the centre of its activities by directly involving them as peer researchers through participatory research.

Led by the University of Luxembourg, the MIMY consortium brings together nine countries in order to better understand and support the liquid integration processes of young migrants in vulnerable conditions in Europe and increase social and economic benefits of and for them.

MIMY will run for three years, having started in February 2020, while Professor Ryan was then at the University of Sheffield. The consortium agreement has now been amended and London Met has officially joined this innovative Horizon2020 research project.

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