Joint Degrees and International Transitions in Higher Education

A new book from Professor of International Higher Education, Jan Bamford explores students' experience of internationalisation on joint double degree programmes.

Date: 13 July 2021

A new book from London Met's Professor Jan Bamford explores the interplay between culture and pedagogy within the student experience of international joint double degree programmes.

Joint Degrees and International Transitions in Higher Education: The Self, Pedagogy and Culture, posits that international higher education can be seen within a construct of mutuality, with the experience of internationalisation being a driving force for the development of agency and cultural awareness.

The author argues that this direct, lived reality of experiencing cultural difference as part of the educational process presents an opportunity for the internationalisation of the self: international joint double degrees provide an ideal vehicle for the development of knowledge and broadening of the mind.

Drawing together cultures of learning, differing approaches to pedagogy and the international classroom, this book argues that international joint double degrees constitute an active cultural engagement within a higher education context.

Bamford is a part of London Met's Higher Education Research Group (HERG) and Professor of International Higher Education and Head of Student Experience and Academic Outcomes in the Guildhall School of Business and Law.

Joint Degrees and International Transitions in Higher Education:  The Self, Pedagogy and Culture is available from Palgrave MacMillan.


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