How can an entrepreneurial culture be developed by higher education institutes?

Dr Abu Naser appeared on an expert panel discussing entrepreneurship at the Global Education Forum from a South Asian perspective.

Date: 15 July 2022

A Global Education Forum addressing the future of higher education was held at the Garden City University in India, as part of the South Asian Summit. 

Dr Abu Naser, a senior lecturer at London Met who leads the University’s Accounting and Finance courses, appeared on a panel discussion on entrepreneurship within the context of higher education. 

The panel aimed to answer the question ‘How can an entrepreneurial culture be developed by higher education institutes?’. In response Dr Naser said “we need to prepare our students on how to become creative thinkers, protect intellectual property rights, understand change well and take advantage of opportunity by prioritising sustainability and ethics, taking calculated risk, leadership roles and inspiring others.”

The panel took a close look at the role of institutional support on entrepreneurship , and the benefits of encouragement from lecturers, peer student support, work based learning, and students’ participation in entrepreneurship societies as predictors of entrepreneurial culture. 

Leaders from across the world took part in the event, including the former president of Maldives, education ministers from several countries, researchers from other universities including Harvard, and practitioners from a variety of business sectors.

Other panel discussions on topics such as digitalization, social commitment, well-being, and entrepreneurship, which are vital to the future of education.

Abu, who has a significant track record of research and use of innovative approaches to teaching and curriculum development, has taught at London Met for nearly 20 years. He specialises on the topics of business economics, strategic management, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership and project management. 

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