Graduates on Apprenticeship opportunity with Elastic Theatre

Date: 7.7.2013

Jacek Ludwig Scarso

Elastic Theatre, directed by Theatre Practice Senior Lecturer Jacek Ludwig Scarso, recently was able to offer two apprenticeship opportunities to London Met graduates Amanda Lowe and Daren Pritchard. The apprenticeship was part of the project JULIUS, supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. In a collaboration with Spitalfields Music Summer Festival, Elastic Theatre was invited to create a week-long multimedia installation entitled JULIUS: Gallery of Intrusive Thoughts at the iconic fashion store Boxpark in Shoreditch, a venue made entirely out of converted shipping containers. The installation featured a multi-channel film as well as visual displays on the subjects of mental health, obsessions and compulsions: including a smoking box at the entrance of the space, on which a message read: "My brain is a box full of smoke".

Amanda and Daren, who recently graduated in Performing Arts and were part of Les Liaisons, the graduation production directed by Jacek at Jacksons Lane Theatre, assisted Elastic Theatre in the installation and the hosting of the Gallery of Intrusive Thoughts. Following the success of their collaborations during the course, the two graduates recently formed a theatre company called Hidden Agenda. This apprenticeship was a great opportunity to observe and support an established company in an exciting new work.
Amanda said about this experience:
"As a creative individual I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience assisting with Elastic Theatres Julius: Gallery Of Intrusive Thoughts. The opportunity allowed me to learn so much about the ups and downs of the arts world as well as solidify and develop the partnership within my own company. Elastic Theatre's truly innovative and unique approach to theatre continues to inspire me and the future work of my new theatre company. In regards to creativeness and innovation Julius has been no exception. With myself as an individual and the public being amazed by the high level of captivation and imagination . I can't stress how thankful I am for this apprenticeship opportunity."
Daren added:
"Working with Jacek & Elastic Theatre has been a truly inspiring, and thoroughly pleasant experience. The apprenticeship gave me a taste of working in collaboration with a professional, established company, and as a result, I've gained valuable knowledge which will help me in the development of my own company. Particularly, it's given me confidence that we are on the right track as a company, and strengthened my determination to produce art of a high standard."
Jacek is delighted at the success of this experience and has already opened two more apprenticeship opportunities for successful graduates of the course. More opportunities are expected to be available in the near future.
Elastic Theatre's JULIUS, following Spitalfields Music Summer Festival, will continue its UK tour to, among other venues, GV Art, White Cloth Gallery and Beacon Art Centre. International touring destinations will be revealed shortly.

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