Gift project by Poetic Projections Studio

Jewellery students at The Cass take part in international gift exchange.

Jewellery and Silversmithing BA students from Studio 3: Poetic Projections at The Cass have taken part in an international collaborative project with the jewellery departments at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and HEAR in Strasbourg.

Over 40 participants joined the jewellery gift exchange, with each designing and making a personal gift for their project partner. Whilst designing their pieces the students explored both their own and another’s culture, personal identity, family, local context and heritage through attentive communication.  

The project was led by Adi Toch, Heidi Yeo and Simone ten Hompel from Studio 3: Poetic Projections at The Cass, Professor Vered Kaminski from Bezalel in Jerusalem and Florence Lehmann and Sophie Hanagarth from HEAR.

Students at The Cass who took part include: Thom Amar, Liga Belgrave, Ajike Doherty, Irina Golda, Divya Madhani, Natalie Mansour, Nicola Margai, Petra Otenslegrova, Jemma Whitehouse, Dominick Wiecek, Harriet Brooks, Julie Frankish, Susanna Gogarty, Maria Gower, Megan Haggis, Emily Jones, Roger Maaraoui, Ramona Niroomand, Callum Partgidge, Archie Steele and Caroline Wellsley.

Image: Maria Gower