Fine Art lecturer’s paintings the subject of new exhibition

Michael Stubbs: Small Scale Works will be exhibited at the Glasgow School of Arts from 10 Jan 2020 - 2 Feb 2020.

Date: 23 January 2020

The work of Dr Mike Stubbs, Fine Art tutor at the Cass, is the subject of a new exhibition at Glasgow School of Arts.

Entitled Michael Stubbs: Small Scale Works, the exhibition will run from 10 Jan - 2 Feb 2020. Stubbs’ paintings, which focus on abstraction and pop art, are created by pouring transparent varnishes and cloudy paints onto ready-made graphic stencils. The repeated pouring creates a layered effect, revealing multiple perspectives and different depths within the work.

This layering, says Stubbs, aims to fracture and break up the rapid spreading of broadcast and internet-based images that fill up our daily lives. The mixture of abstract shapes, logos, sharps blocks of colours and veils of varnish fragment the surface of the image underneath. Stubbs interrogates and critically re-configures painting in an age of internet information overload.

Dr Stubbs has exhibited his paintings, drawing and prints solo around the world, including shows in London, Sao Paulo, Stuttgart and Milan, as well as in group shows in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Massa, Antwerp and Venice. He currently teaches painting and drawing on London Met’s Fine Art courses. 

A piece of work by Mike Stubbs