MA Interpreting alumnus interpreting for football coach

Congratulations to Ronan Malt, London Met interpreting alumnus who has managed to combine his passion for football with his professional interpreting skills.

Date: 20/11/2014

Ronan passed his MA Interpreting with Distinction in 2014. His languages are French and Spanish into English.

Ronan has now been interpreting for more than a year. His interpreting assignments have been very exciting with a combination of press conferences with former West Bromwich Albion head coach Pepe Mel, medical visits with professional footballers and football stadium tours. 

His work has been in the limelight with an article in the Birmingham Mail newspaper and a professional talk organised by the career's advice Department of Modern Languages at Nottingham and the Nottingham University Careers Advice Service on the 22nd October. Ronan has also recently received an invitation from his Alma mater (Durham University) to speak to students about his interpreting work.

Ronan has his own YouTube channel, showcasing his work as a professional interpreter in the football field.

This is what Ronan says about the course:

"I graduated in 2014 on the MA in Interpreting at London Met. I found the course to be highly rewarding and stimulating and I feel that it has given me a firm grounding in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. I currently employ many of the skills acquired on the course in my daily work. 

I believe that one particularly strong aspect of the course is the excellent opportunities it offers students to participate in life-like simulated interpreting assignments. These take the form of regular in-house Mock Conferences, virtual classes with partner universities and the work placement module all of which help to make the transition from interpreting student to interpreting professional that much easier."

A group of students talking.