Criminology lecturers team up with Evening Standard for cannabis project

Dr James Morgan and James Alexander spoke to six cannabis dealers about decriminalisation

Date: 11 September 2019

For the last few months, Criminology BSc lecturers Dr James Morgan and James Alexander have partnered with the Evening Standard to undertake an investigation into how cannabis dealers in London feel towards legalisation of the drug.

Morgan and Alexander spoke to six dealers - five men and a woman - and a key finding was that all cannabis dealers would welcome the legalisation of their trade, despite the worry they have from being excluded from enjoying the effects of the legalisation process and the loss of their livelihood. 

The six dealers interviewed shared different working lives, with some dealing full time, while others dealt part-time and worked in different jobs. Four sold only cannabis with two selling crack cocaine and heroin as well. 

Both lecturers felt that the study showed the importance for any UK legalisation and regulatory framework to help illegal dealers make the transition to the legal market, so as not to turn weed dealers into crack dealers.

Dr James Morgan said: “I was pleased with the research, and I hope it has helped to illuminate the views of cannabis dealers, whose voices are rarely heard on the legalisation debate. We hope to continue this study by interviewing further dealers in order to gain a better understanding of how they view the illegality of their trade.”x