Business management alumni return to the classroom to inspire students

Entrepreneur Lilo Ask-Henriksen and management consultant Jimmy Asuni return to the classroom to inspire current students to achieve their potential.

Date: 14/11/2019

Students studying Business Management BA welcomed back two former students who came to talk about life after graduation. founder Lilo Ask-Henriksen and Jimmy Asuni, author, motivational speaker and Business Management Consultant at Lloyds Banking Group, gave advice and presented inspirational stories to final-year students in the “Achieve Your Potential” module.

Both graduated more than three years ago and had many interesting stories to inspire the current cohort.

”I really enjoyed the presentation from a graduate of the University he shared his experience while studying at London Met as a physically-challenged individual and what he was able to achieve after graduating," said one student, referring to Jimmy who has cerebral palsy.

"His story was quite touching but also encouraging at the same time: that I can achieve whatever I set out to do once I am consistent and determined.” 

Bettina Coleman-Schoels, Senior Lecturer at the Guildhall School of Business and Law, said: “It was a joy to see them both return to Uni and share their stories about how far they have come and how they dealt with opportunities and also difficulties. They were a pleasure to listen to and engage with. They have come a long way and we feel very proud of having been part of their amazing journies."

A group photo featuring Business Management BA students and Lilo Ask-Henriksen