Bank lending: Principles and practice

A new book written by Dr Nirmala Lee, Associate Professor of Banking and Finance, will discuss the challenges and future of bank lending.

Date: 18 September 2018

A new book co-written by Dr Nirmala Lee, Associate Professor of Banking and Finance at London Metropolitan University is now available to read.

‘Bank Lending: Principles and Practice,’ discusses the practicality of bank lending and the challenges faced by the industry.

Nirmala said: “Having spent half my life in the banking industry and half my life in academia teaching bank lending, I wanted to write a book that would help provide insights to both graduate and undergraduate students on the one hand and to banking industry professionals on the other.”

Recent scandals about dishonest bank lenders who profit at the expense of their customers have gained widespread media attention. “There is a need to take a balanced view and recognise the lender’s right to repayment as well as the borrower’s right to be treated fairly,” Nirmala explained.

“It is important that lenders take responsibly, as responsible lending provides the lender with ethical as well as competitive advantages. It is also important that lenders should lend cautiously and monitor meticulously so that responsible consumers and shareholders and taxpayers do not have to pay too much to cover the losses from irresponsible borrowers.”

She concludes: “To lend justly and to ensure that just debts are repaid – this is the challenge for bank lenders.”

The book was informed by and will inform Dr Lee’s teaching at London Met, and is available to order on Amazon.