Returning home

Grades are released in March for the autumn semester modules and late June for the spring semester and year-long modules. Sometimes there are delays in confirming results due to batches of coursework having to be sent to external examiners. Therefore if you are due to graduate immediately after your semester abroad, you need to take this into consideration as your home university may not allow you to graduate until they have received the results from London Metropolitan University.

Your transcripts will be sent out once all grades are confirmed (not provisional) and all the money owed is accounted for (tuition, library fines, etc). If you have any outstanding debts, your transcript will not be sent to you until they are settled.

You, or the university/organisation you came through, will automatically be issued two copies of your transcript, one of which will be for you. They will be official university-issued documents and will give your UK percentages and credits without conversion. The transcript will also contain applicable ECTS credits for European students. American students will receive a suggested grade conversion chart along with the transcript which your home university may use if they wish. 

Additional transcripts

Students who require additional transcripts when applying as a transfer student to another university or when applying to graduate school can request them by following this process:

London Metropolitan University will issue an official transcript at a cost of £12 for one transcript.

You can pay by using eShop (you will need your ID number). Select "transcripts (post)" and pay the appropriate amount. The transcript will then be posted within two weeks to the address you provide. You may pay for courier delivery if you require it sooner. A conversion chart will not be included with additional transcripts.

Alumni discounts

If, after your study abroad semester, you apply to London Met for an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree, you'll receive a 20% discount on one year of the course fees. Be sure to mention your study abroad semester and student ID number when applying.

Publicity and testamonials

We're always looking for student testamonials for our website so if you would like to write a few paragraphs about your study abroad semester and send it to us we would be most grateful. We can even make a video and post it on the site.  We also appreciate you attending your home university study abroad fairs when you get back and telling the next generation of study abroad students about your experience.