Please note: This information is provided as a guide only. Some courses may have specialised entry requirements that are listed on the course specification page, please check for any additional subject/course specific requirements before submitting your application. 

Academic entry requirements

Entry to:



International Foundation Programme

Any one of the following qualifications:




14 or above/ 60% or above.


North Cyprus: a Devlet Lise Diplomasi/ Lise Bitirme Diplomasi.

2 or above


1.Apolyterion: 17+ (State High School)/ 80% (Private High School).

2.Apolyterion and 1 A level: 16+/ 70%+ in Apolyterion AND grade C in A level in relevant area.

3.Apolyterion and 2 A levels: 15.5+/ 65% in Apolyterion AND 2 Cs in A levels in relevant areas.  

4. North Cyprus: Devlet Lise Diplomasi (State High School)/ Bitirme Lise Diplomasi (Private High School) with  4 or above.

Minimum of 5 overall.

Extended Degree (four years)

Students who fall slightly below the standard requirements listed for Undergraduate entry may be considered for an available or appropriate Extended Degree Programme.


Any one of the following qualifications:

Ptychio (Bachelors degree) with marks over 6.5 or GPA above 2.9 in a relevant subject.


North Cyprus: Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelors) with GPA 2.75 or above  in a relevant subject.


English and mathematics requirements


(if applicable to course) 


Common Core Maths with grade 16+ or 70%+ OR Specialisation Maths with grade 14+ or 75%+ in Apolyterion.

North Cyprus: Maths with grade 4+ in Devlet Lise Diplomasi/ Lise Bitirme Diplomasi.



IGCSE grade C or above 

NON-EEA nationals (requiring a Tier 4 student Visa) must provide a Secured English Language Test (SELT) qualification to qualifiy for entry, such as Academic IELTS / Pearson PTE Academic.

Find out more about our English language requirements.


‌The UK National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) and accreditation

UK NARIC offers a variety of services on the comparability of qualifications from overseas. These services have been designed to help migrants coming to the UK to work or study, and who are applying through the UK’s points based system for immigration. Please see here for Statements of Comparability from NARIC. 

Providing your qualifications

Please be sure you are able to provide copies of official certificates of any qualifications you have taken when you make your application (please do not send us your original certificates). If any of your certificates or supporting documents (transcripts) are in a non-English language you will need to provide certified English translations alongside any official copies.


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