How to brand Eventbrite

The University’s chosen platform for listing events online is Eventbrite. The platform integrates with our website and allows us to brand event listings appropriately.

The University has previously been recognised for its excellent use of Eventbrite customisation in Eventbrite’s own list of great examples of customised content. If your area of the University is using Eventbrite to publicise events please follow the guidelines here so that all University events are presented consistently.

Example of an Eventbrite listing in the London Met brand
How should I brand my Eventbrite page?

All users of the University Eventbrite account should use a standard template in brand colours.

Event title: Give your event an appealing title, and avoid including the date in the title. If you do, the date is duplicated when it pulls through to the website and other platforms.

Event copy/description: It needs to be clear whether your event is open to the public, open to students only, or whether alumni are welcome. If the event is open to an external audience, explain in your copy how they will gain entry to the building. Avoid unexplained acronyms and only refer to the University as London Metropolitan University or London Met (avoiding LMU, LondonMet or other variations on the name).

Main event image: When it pulls through to the website this looks best if it is a photograph of people enjoying an event; this should not include a logo. If you don’t have an image of high enough quality there is a selection to choose from in Google Drive (accessible for staff only). If you would like to use your own image, you can contact for permission.

Design your own theme: Use the following values for the colours of each of these:

  • Title: #231120
  • Header text: #FFFFFF
  • Body text: #231120
  • Links: #00aee0
  • Background: #FFFFFF
  • Box background: #FFFFFF
  • Box border: #231120
  • Box header: #231120

Custom header / footer: To ensure a University logo is displayed on your event you should paste the following code into the custom header:

<a href=""><img alt="London Metropolitan University logo" border="0" height="100" src="" style="width: 960px; height: 100px;" title="Visit the London Met website" width="960" /></a>

Further customisation requires basic knowledge of HTML and it’s not necessary for most events. Images used should adhere to current brand guidelines and include a University logo.

How does my Eventbrite page display on the website?

Forthcoming events created in the University Eventbrite account can be pulled through to the University website as long as they are not set to private.

Users of the University’s Content Management System (T4) can read our guidelines on how to use the Eventbrite modules. These use words in the copy for the event (or codes in white text, so as to be invisible to the user, at the bottom) to list relevant events.

What you need to do in Eventbrite to make your event show on the London Met website

The website searches all Eventbrite listings (on the main London Met account) for certain codes. Each code links to a different part of the website. The most commonly used codes are as follows:

  • Current students: XX050
  • Staff: XX051
  • Sustainability: XX052
  • Guildhall School of Business and Law: XX004
  • School of Computing and Digital Media: XX017
  • School of Human Sciences: XX003
  • School of Social Sciences: XX002
  • School of Social Professions: XX018 
  • The School of Art, Architecture and Design: XX005

To add a code to your event, simply write the code at the end your event description and make the text white so it is not visible to the public. You can separate multiple codes with commas. If you cannot see an option to change the text colour, you may need to click “HTML editor” above the top right-hand corner of the text box.