US Financial Aid - Frequently Asked Questions

What is London Met’s school code? The London Met school code is G22353.

When will I get paid? “September start Postgraduate students” will be paid at the start of October, the second week of February, and the second week of June. “September start undergraduate students” will be paid at the start of October and the second week of February.

“February start postgraduate students” will be paid on the second week of February, the first week of October, and the second week of the following February. “February undergraduate students” will be paid on the second week of February and the second week of June.

How many payments will I receive? Postgraduate students will receive their award via three payments and September start Undergraduates will receive their award via two payments.

Does London Met accept VA benefits? Yes, London Met does accept VA benefits. Applications for benefits are made online through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please email to us a scan of your certificate of eligibility for veterans benefits. London Met will confirm your enrolment and your tuition fees will be sent directly to the University. Money for living costs will be sent directly to you.

You will need to provide proof of your acceptance for veterans benefits and the grant amounts to the University before you can be issued with a CAS for visa application.

If the course you have been accepted for is an eligible course and has not been approved, please email and we will request programme approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

What happens if my course is not an accepted course for VA benefits? If your course is not an eligible course you will need to enrol in a different eligible course or you will need to find another source of funding.

If I am not eligible for federal aid, what are my options? If you are not eligible for federal aid you may seek financial support via a Sallie Mae private loan, scholarships or self-finance.

Does London Met accept any other private loan providers? Currently, we only accept Sallie Mae loans, however, you can seek alternative private loan sources, but you will be registered as a self-funding student, and all deposits, tuition fees, and living expenses will be your responsibility.

What scholarships or bursaries do London Met offer to US students? We offer undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. Our International Excellence Scholarship, which is a £2500 fee reduction, is available to undergraduates and postgraduates. The International Student House scholarship for postgraduate students includes one year’s tuition, travel to and from the UK, and guarantees one year's accommodation at International Students House (ISH): a single room, fully furnished, inclusive of specified household bills and Wi-Fi at the cost of £11,647.15 (about $16,500). Students must live in the ISH to receive this scholarship. More information can be found here:

What happens if I do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)? If you fail to meet the SAP requirements you will be placed on financial aid warning, more information can be found via our SAP policy.

What happens if I withdraw from my course? If you withdraw from your course, you will need to return any unearned aid to the US department of education, any surplus aid will be disbursed to you. Withdrawal will also have implications in relation to your visa so for further advice you should email and prior to withdrawing.

Can I suspend my studies? You can only suspend your studies for a period of 180 days and it is financial aid requirement that you return to the exact point of study that you left, as this is very difficult to do we advise against all suspension of studies as it will likely lead to withdrawal.

How much funding will I be approved for? The amount of funding you receive will depend on your programme of study previous loans taken out, other sources of funding and your EFC. You will find an example of the COA on our web pages here: First-time applicants - London Metropolitan University

What if I am in receipt of a scholarship, financial support from a relative, or other private funding? If you are in receipt of a scholarship financial support or private funding you must notify us when you submit your financial aid application as this will affect the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive.

Who should I contact for financial aid queries? If you have any financial aid queries please contact If you have visa or other queries please contact

When am I required to complete exit counselling? What happens if I do not complete the exit counselling? Exit counselling is a requirement for all student federal loan borrowers who are:

  • leaving school,
  • graduating, or
  • dropping below half-time enrolment.

If you do not complete exit counselling after two requests have been made we are required to forward your contact details to the US department of education.

Can London Met complete US 1098-T Tax forms? The university does not have an EIN or issue the 1098-T tax form as an overseas institution. However, you can independently download/request the information you need to file your US taxes. Here are the instructions:  

Students will need to use the receipts sent to them at every tuition payment and/or US financial aid disbursement -and/or- download/request a student status letter from your London Met portal which includes: Full name, student ID number, DOB, course title, year of course, course start date, expected end date, term/home address and a statement confirming enrolment and study hours. Here's a step-by-step YouTube video on how to download the letter from your London Met portal. If you require additional information added to the letter, you can contact your School Office who may add specific details dependent on the request.