Q. If I join the gym or classes in January, does it last until next January?
A. No. It is an academic year membership and all memberships expire at the end of the following September.
Q. I have used several gyms, so why do I have to do an induction?
A. The University's risk assessment states that all users must be inducted on gym / exercise safety. We do not always have instructors on the gym floor, so we must be confident that all users have had basic gym safety advice. This is applicable to new members.
Q. I’ve never done yoga before, can I still go to the class?
A. Yes, please come along and join in. All our teachers teach mixed ability classes, meeting the needs of beginners and experienced participants.
Q. I like to go to the gym when it’s quiet. When are the quiet times?
A. Mornings are quietest, the earlier the better. The busiest times are 12-2pm and 4.30-6.30pm.

Other questions

If you have a question that is not listed here please don't hesitate to contact our gym staff.