Workout with a difference
Our number one focus is your health and wellbeing. We want to help you move as much as possible and look after your physical and mental wellbeing during these times. To help you, we have created a new timetable for the start of term.

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Please read our Virtual class disclaimer before participating in any session. By joining the class your consent and agreement to the disclaimer will automatically be given.

Men participating in a boxfit class

Classes start on Monday 5 October 2020.

Please note these classes are subject to change. Further details on how to book and sign up will follow shortly!

7.30 to 8.30am Yoga flow Cristina Online
8am to 10am The Strava Cycle Club John & Kostas Outdoor & online
12pm to 12.30pm Desk to 3K walk John Outdoor: meet outside Science Centre
12.30pm to 1pm Fitness & wellbeing tea break John & Kostas Online
1pm to 1.30pm Introductory fitness circuits (four week plan - local area) Derrick Outdoor: meet outside Science Centre
1pm to 1.45pm Yoga Suzannah Hall Online 
5pm to 6pm PT workout plans Claudia Online
8.30am to 9am Spinning (your virtual cycle)  John Online 
TBC  Horseriding/Stable management (Trent Park)  John  Outdoor - email for further details and to express an interest 
12.30pm to 1.30pm   Yoga Laura  Online 
1pm to 1.30pm  Introductory fitness circuits (four week plan - local area)  Derrick Outdoor: meet outside Science Centre 
1pm to 1.30pm   Speed walk John & Kostas  Outdoor: meet outside Science Centre  
1pm to 3pm  Social tennis (recreational) Kostas  Islington Tennis Centre (indoor) 
2.20pm to 3pm  VI Tennis (visually impaired)  Kostas  Islington Tennis Centre (indoor) 
5pm to 6pm Zumba dance Katja Online
7.30am to 8.30am Yoga Flow Cristina Online
11am to 12pm Pilates Yana Online
12pm to 12.30pm Fitness & wellbeing tea break John & Kostas Online
12.30pm to 1pm PT sessions Jessica Online
1pm to 1.30pm PT core exercises Judit Online **
1pm to 2pm Salsa dance (learn to dance) David Marquez Bravo Online
TBC Chess Lucas Online
TBC Climbing/bouldering at The Castle, Manor House John Outdoor - email for further details and to express an interest
10am to 10.30am Circuits Derrick Online
TBC Swimming (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park) John Outdoor - email for further details and to express an interest
12.30pm to 1.30pm PT sessions (local area) Jessica Outdoor: meet ouside Science Centre
1pm to 1.30pm PT core exercises Judit Online **
TBC PT workout plan Klaudia Online
6pm to 7pm Pilates Inga Online
7.30am to 8.30am Yoga flow Cristina Online
TBC Golf/Driving range skills in Trent Park John Outdoor - email for further details and to express an interest
12pm to 12.30pm  Speed walk (exploring the boroughs and local history)  John  Outdoor: meet outside Science Centre 
12pm to 12.45pm  Mindfulness gentle breathe/yoga stretch  Cristina  Online 
1pm to 1.30pm  PT core exercises  Judit  Online 

1pm to 2pm 

HIIT (local area)  Inga  Outdoor: meet ouside Science Centre 

** External off site visits may incur a charge (i.e to visit specific centres - TBC times)




Interested in a different activity?

We can arrange recreational classes such as:

  • golf
  • swimming
  • horse riding
  • walks
  • climbing
  • massages

Please contact for further details including timetabling and prices.

What's involved?

With our wide range of classes, there's plenty of opportunity to get adventurous and try something new. Here you'll find a brief description of each class:

Aikido A non-competitive Japanese martial art teaching self-defence and physical fitness, Aikido also develops mind and body coordination and confidence.
Badminton Meet new people, get fit and enjoy a beautiful sport.
Boxfit Circuit-type exercise using boxing techniques. All the gain, but no pain!
Boxing Learn self-defence, build strength and stamina, enhance hand-eye coordination, improve self-confidence, increase muscle tone and de-stress! No experience needed – everyone is welcome.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu A practical grappling martial art that serves as the basis of modern mixed martial arts (MMA), learn how to take down, control and neutralise an opponent. Jiu-jitsu develops respect, discipline, self-confidence and fitness and can provide a high-intensity workout as well as developing self-defence skills.
Circuit training Short bursts of vigorous activity to train your heart and tone the body.
Core Power Improve your posture and build core muscle groups through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your abdomen and back muscles while increasing your flexibility. Walk taller, feel stronger.
Spinning An intense and fun cycling workout.
Stretch/Mindfulnes Group class consisting of gentle stretches, movement sequences, body awareness, breathing awareness and deep relaxation using mindfulness techniques.
Pilates Guaranteed strong abdominal and back muscles. Great for posture and stress relief.
Tennis/soft tennis Come along and get help from our coach!
Low Impact HIIT  High-intensity impact training.
Yoga  Suitable for everyone regardless of age and experience, this class features a variety of yoga styles and is a gentle way to improve flexibility.