Health and wellbeing

At London Met this means:

A wellbeing action plan

To draw together, build upon and publicise the initiatives, support mechanisms and resources available to staff to promote:

  1. Physical and mental health
  2. Financial wellbeing
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Working environment
  5. Learning and development

Focus will be on identifying the sources of poor wellbeing and work-based stress and working to address key contributing factors.

Leadership role modelling

Leaders and managers demonstrate proactive consideration of safety and their own health. They are mindful of the factors contributing to work-related stress, relieving these routinely where possible and respond supportively to different personal circumstances and requests.

Workload management

To remove bureaucracy and improve process efficiency. We will continuously review approaches to workload for all staff groups, encouraging collaborative discussion to inform prioritisation and ensure workloads are manageable and allow time for personal development. We will use data to identify and respond to trends that suggest workload and development opportunities are not being allocated equitably

A flexible working culture

Flexible working and associated policies are actively promoted from recruitment, throughout the employee lifecycle, encouraging good management application.

A proactive safety culture

Promoting a safe environment for our community. Leaders and managers own and ensure effective communication on safety matters. Health and Safety roles will develop to ensure adequate emergency preparedness.