Environment: meet our Challenge Champions

Siân Moxon is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Sustainability Coordinator. Her current research focus is biodiversity in architecture, and her Rewild My Street research project has won competitions and award nominations.
Siân Moxon

Siân Moxon

Dr Vassil Vassilev is a Reader in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security and Head of Cyber Security Research Centre. His research interests are in hybrid intelligence and semantic technologies and their applications to cybersecurity.
Vassil Vassilev

Dr Vassil Vassilev

Ian McLachlan is a published author of fiction and poetry, a founding member of Poets for the Planet, and a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland’s COP26 culture working group.

Ian McLachlan

Dr Anna Marazuela Kim is a Research member of the Centre for Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement and Director of Cultural Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at the Centre for Conscious Design. She speaks, writes and advises on culture, cities and ecologies of human thriving.

Dr Anna Marazuela Kim

Margarita Damai is a Biomedical Student at London Met university. She is currently the Full-time Officer for the Guildhall School of Business and Law and the School of Human Sciences at London Met Students' Union. Sustainability is part of her work portfolio and she is very passionate about environmental challenges. Some of her work projects include recruiting for sustainability student representatives.

Margarita Damai