The University as a charity

Like most other universities in England, London Metropolitan University is an exempt charity under the Charities Act 2011. This means that we have charitable status but we do not have a charity registration number and we are not registered with the Charity Commission. For the purposes of compliance with charity law, we are regulated by the Office for Students (OFS) as a principal regulator on behalf of the Charity Commission.

The OFS requires us to publish certain information about our status as a charity:

Charitable purposes

The University’s objectives as a charity is defined in its Articles of Association as "to advance education (including industrial, commercial, professional and scientific training) for the benefit of the public by carrying on, conducting and developing a university, and by promoting teaching and research."

Read the current and previous versions of the Articles of Association.

Public benefit

Like other charities, the University is required to demonstrate that its charitable objectives are, and are being carried out, for the public benefit. The University is required to include in its statutory accounts a statement of how it has delivered its charitable purposes for the public benefit. Statutory accounts are available for the most recent financial year and previous years.

Charitable trustees

The Board of Governors, as the University’s governing body, are its trustees for the purposes of charity law. Profiles are available of the current members of the Board, and you can read a list of other Charity Trusteeships held by members of the Board, where a member has declared that they are also a trustee of another charity. 

Legal name and correspondence address

See our company information.