About us

The Centre for Equity and Inclusion sits at the heart of London Met as the ideological driving force behind its pedagogy, the student experience and workplace culture. It is the catalyst through which we actualise our commitment to social justice. 

The Centre seeks to draw out the University’s greatest features, building on existing strengths and celebrating best practice. It aims to create conditions that give students and staff the opportunity to unlock their full potential whilst building a cohesive and harmonious community united by the pursuit of excellence in social justice.

We have always been an institution grounded by a deep social mission to transform lives through education. With the launch of the Centre, this takes on new meaning, reinvigorating our institution.

"At London Met, all members of the University are united by the ambition to achieve lasting, holistic transformation of our community."

Our philosophy and ethos

At London Met, equity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility

Through our Inclusive Behaviours staff development programme, professional practice at London Met will become synonymous for inclusive practice. Through the Education for Social Justice Framework we will seek to displace hegemonic traditions from our curriculum and ensure all of our students see themselves and their experiences reflected in what they learn. We will invite students to develop a praxis of critical, reflective thinking with opportunities to participate in real-world activities that seek to address injustice and disadvantage through the London Met Lab. We will provide London with values-driven graduates who will accelerate inclusivity in society. 

Change cannot be achieved by a single team or by equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategies that are superimposed on to existing organisational activity. At London Met, all members of the University are united by the ambition to achieve lasting, holistic transformation of our community. Our work is fully supported by the Institution’s senior leadership who are actively advancing equity in all areas. Thanks to this comprehensive support and longitudinal commitment, the work of the Centre will be able to develop radical innovation based upon an ethos of social justice. 

The Centre’s work is organised across two activity bases: fair outcomes for students and inclusion for staff – as our approach is holistic, the teams will work collaboratively. Strategic and operational oversight of the University’s regulatory obligations under the Access and Participation Plan are managed by the fair outcomes team. Accreditation activity to achieve relevant sector and workplace equality standards will be managed by the inclusion team.

"The team are active researchers who will ensure that the Centre’s programmes reflect contemporary scholarly understanding, and they will engage in a continuous cycle of stakeholder engagement and evaluation."