Overview and strategy

London Metropolitan University identifies that the quality assurance and enhancement of our courses is a key priority in ensuring a positive student experience in a thriving academic community. This includes assuring that the standards of qualifications are set at appropriate levels and that confidence can be placed on the quality of the learning experience at London Met.

London Met aims to ensure high quality learning experiences and courses by:

  • ensuring that all benchmarks of quality are met through uniform and timely quality assurance and enhancement policies and processes,
  • reviewing the course and research portfolio regularly to meet changing student expectations and research needs or opportunities,
  • celebrating the education and research emphasis of different schools and partner institutions, whilst ensuring common high standards of pedagogy, assessment, award and publication,
  • actively involving students as partners in our quality assurance processes at all levels.

Quality assurance and enhancement processes and procedures have been designed to meet the core practices of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Quality Code, internal (Academic Regulations, General Student Regulations) and external reference points such as Competition and Markets Authority guidance.