Course Enhancement Overview

Continuous Monitoring at London Met is divided into two separate processes – METCEP, the University’s over-arching Course Enhancement Process, and the CEP, the standard monitoring process, which applies to all courses not taking part in METCEP.

METCEP is organised and managed by the University’s Centre for Teaching Enhancement, with Academic Quality and Development represented in the monitoring of actions set and updates received.

CEP is overseen by Academic Quality and Development, but led by the Deans and senior management teams in each academic school within the University. CEP action planning is monitored through School Learning Teaching and Quality Committees.

Both processes report upwards through the University’s Learning Teaching and Quality Committee, and ultimately, the University’s Academic Board and Board of Governors. 

Full METCEP and CEP guidance and templates for completing action plans are available to internal academic staff at London Met, from the Centre for Teaching Enhancement, in the first instance. 

Information on Continuous Monitoring for the University’s Collaborative Partnerships can be found within the Collaborative Partnerships section of the Quality Manual.