Updated guidance for 'Living with Covid'

Updated guidance following the publications of government's 'Living with Covid' plan

Keeping you safe

As a community with a number of clinically vulnerable colleagues, as well as with individuals who are carers for vulnerable loved ones, we have a responsibility to approach changes to our guidance with additional care.

We will continue to create a safe environment by undertaking COVID safe risk assessments, keeping in place environmental mitigations such as hand sanitising stations, enhanced cleaning and ventilation until the end of the academic year.

Playing your part 

If you are unwell

  • It is important to stay at home and get well if you have symptoms of a heavy cold, flu or Covid. We want to keep our community free from viruses especially during these uncertain times. 
  • We ask that colleagues and students with confirmed COVID continue to report their case using the Covid-19 Positive reporting form until further notice.
  • Currently the UK Health Security Agency advises that adults who tested positive are staying home and trying to avoid contact with others for five days.
  • For staff: We will continue to be cautious and, where possible, staff that test positive but are symptom-free and elect to continue working should work remotely. In all cases of sickness, staff should follow normal absence procedures. All decisions around working patterns and locations should be made in consultation with your line manager. 
  • For students: if a student returns a positive test for Covid, our advice is that they should not travel on to campus on that day, access learning through Weblearn and contact their School Office for more guidance to support their learning.