Your learning experience during the coronavirus pandemic

Whether you're thinking of applying, you're starting your course this year or you've been studying with us for a while, we want to reassure you that we're doing everything possible to ensure your learning is impacted as little as possible during the pandemic. We've also implemented new policies and regulations, in partnership with our Students’ Union, to ensure that you aren't disadvantaged in any way as a result of the current situation. 

Please don’t forget that our extensive range of student support services are all available online and please let us know if you need support. Below you'll find further information to ensure you have access to all the information you need to continue your studies during the pandemic.

The pandemic has proven to be unpredictable, but we will continue to take action to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students and staff, and to ensure we're following the latest government advice – we'll provide you with updates on what we're doing on a regular basis.

Further information