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How do our students reduce stress?

Date: 3 April 2019

"The way that I've been able to manage my stress is through managing my time. So, as long as I know what I'm doing each week then that really relieves the stress for me because I'm able to prepare."

"I'll reduce stress by going home, playing some video games, preferably Football Manager or I go to The Rocket and have a drink, you know, just to relax and get my mind off of everything because sometimes assignments and lessons can be quite stressful."

"I like to come to the library and do my work in a social environment so I don't feel the pressure too much. Just take it easy, you know? That's how I deal with it!"

"I'd probably just go and buy myself something nice. Something fancy like an item of clothing."

"Part of university life is the social side and I think if you are neglecting your social side just to keep up with your work, something's not right."

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