Reconfiguring healthcare supply chains: scope, challenges and opportunities

The way we currently manufacture healthcare products is becoming increasingly unsustainable. The established centralised, off-shore, mass production approach is increasingly under threat from global economic volatility, political and security risks, international pandemics and climate change.

The aim of redistributed manufacturing (RDM) is to bring production closer to the point of clinical use, thereby enhancing the capability to deliver immediate and optimised medical care. Additional benefits include reducing logistical burden and costs and improving supply resilience.

Building on the findings of a £2.5M EPSRC-funded research programme, the Redistributed Manufacturing in Health Network (RiHN –, Wendy Phillips, Professor of Innovation, at Bristol Business School, UWE discussed the potential value of implementing RDM approaches in healthcare, with a particular focus on its role in supporting the delivery of deployed medical care.


Professor Wendy Phillips has a multi-disciplinary background in science and management and has spent over 20 years advancing the disciplines of innovation studies and supply chain management. She is the Director for the EPSRC Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare Network, which worked with the MHRA in the development of a new point-of-care regulatory framework. She has led and contributed to large-scale interdisciplinary projects totalling more than £5M funded by EPSRC, ESRC, HEFCE, NHS and local government. Her research impacts policy and practice in complex public sector supply networks such as the NHS, MoD, and UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). She is currently working with the MoD to explore the business case for decentralised manufacture of blood products and is an expert member of a MoD Point-of-Care Manufacturing Working Group. Wendy has published widely in international journals such as the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Production Research, Public Management Review, California Management Review, Policy & Politics, International Journal of Innovation Management, R&D Management, Journal of Business Ethics and Business & Society amongst others.

Prof. Wendy Phillips at the top of the screen, Prof. Nigel Caldwell at the bottom 

Photo: Prof. Wendy Phillips at the top of the screen, Prof. Nigel Caldwell at the bottom

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Reconfiguring healthcare supply chains: scope, challenges and opportunities

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