Wireless communications systems

The microwave wireless systems group is also part of the London Metropolitan University Microwaves (LMUM), which was one of the original and principal research groups within the School of Computing and Digital Media. Radio and microwave systems are at the core of the wireless communications revolution and play a key role in mobile phones, satellite broadcasting, navigation radar and remote sensing. Hence, research in this area focuses on developing enabling technologies to meet the challenging demands for the next generation of wireless communications systems, eg 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, RFID, satellite communications, GPS navigation and future cellular communication systems.

Specific research activities include:

  • reconfigurable devices
  • techniques to suppress spurii in devices such as filters for electromagnetic compatible (EMC) systems
  • photonic band-gap (PBG) miniature devices
  • novel microstrip resonators for frequency selective applications using fractal
  • efficient high-power RF amplifiers
  • ultra-broadband amplifiers
  • ultra-low noise tuneable reference oscillators with low phase noise
  • broad tuning low noise voltage controlled oscillators (VCO)
  • efficient low-noise oscillators
  • linear broadband highly efficient power amplifiers
  • multimode filters
  • ultra-broadband frequency discriminating devices
  • metamaterial filters for wireless communications systems
  • novel narrowband microstrip filters for wireless communication
  • development of a new security mechanism reference and model for intrusion detection systems in wireless LANs

All work in the microwave area is supported by fully integrated laboratories, including: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software from Agilent Technologies USA, such as Advance Design System (ADS?) for high-frequency system, circuit, and modelling applications; thick-film manufacturing; and modern test instrumentation. ADS? is an industry standard state-of-the-art EDA software system. These facilities are intensively utilized for both research and teaching purposes.

Wireless communications systems

 AGI Simulator
Image of AGI Simulator


 AGI Simulator Galileo satellite
Image of AGI Simulator Galileo satellite


 Dielectric resonator stabilized oscillator
Image of a dielectric resonator stabilized oscillator


 Flexible frequency selective device for wireless communication systems
Image of a flexible frequency selective device for wireless communication systems


 Fractal based microstrip bandpass filter for wireless communication
Image of a fractal based microstrip bandpass filter for wireless communication systems


 Metamaterial filter
Image of a metamaterial filter


 POLAR Ionospheric X-ray Imaging Experiment
Image of a POLAR Ionospheric X-ray Imaging Experiment