The Centre for Communication Technology occupies five hardware laboratories:

Microwave Lab 
The main equipment in the microwave lab includes:

  • Vector network analyzer to fully characterize two ports up to 20 GHz
  • Signal and spectrum analyzer providing frequency-domain measurement capabilities from 10 MHz to 30 GHz
  • Antenna measurement system to precisely characterize antenna patterns and to determine the direction of arrival of radio signals
  • Noise figure and gain measurement system
  • Phase noise measurement system
  • Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Computer System Technology (CST) Studio Suite, which includes:  Microwave Studio, EM Studio, Particle Studio, Cable Studio, PCB Studio, MPhysics Studio, and Design Studio
  • SMD (surface-mount-device) station consisting of a manual pick-and-place-system, a prototyping table-top CNC drilling, LPKF Milling Machine and lithographic camera for the production of PCB prototypes with very high precision

Computer Networking Labs 
The main equipment in the computer networking labs includes:

  • ns-2 network
  • 2800 routers
  • 2960 and 3560 multilayer switches

Digital Signal Processing Lab

DSP work is undertaken in the CAD/COM centre which supports the following software packages:

  • Code Composer Studio DSK 
  • Digital Works 
  • Dynamic C 
  • Hamster Simulation System 
  • Labview 
  • Matlab 
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 
  • ModelSim XE III 
  • Ride 
  • SIMetrix 
  • System Vision Professional 
  • Tina 
  • Xilinx ISE Project Navigator

Optoelectronics Lab

The main equipment in the optoelectronic lab includes:

  • Gould 500 200 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 
  • Tektronic 2230 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope 
  • Hameg 60 MHz Oscilloscope 
  • Tektronic 2815 Opto-Scope 
  • BCP 310B High Gain, Wideband E/O Converter 
  • Avtech 250 MHz High Speed Pulse Generator 
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometre (OTDR) 
  • HP 8452A Diode Array Spectrophotometer 
  • Melles Griot Neutral Density Filter Set 
  • Vickers Microscope 
  • POF Cables - High Numerical Aperture (NA) POF
  • Low NA POF
  • Multicore POF
  • Multistep POF
  • Perfluorinated POF
  • HeNe Lasers 
  • Various optical tables and mounts 
  • Various lens sets 
  • Various other tools 
  • LightTools Simulation Package