Window Space - 1.51

The Window Space is a street-facing window gallery managed by the students of the Curating the Contemporary MA, a joint programme led by London Metropolitan University and Whitechapel Gallery. Visitors to the Window Space do not have physical access to the gallery and can only see what is on display from the street. Inducted as a temporary gallery in August 2014, the Window Space has commissioned over two dozen site-specific installations to be displayed in the window, with an opening every first Thursday of the month.

About onepointfiveone

onepointfiveone is a long-term curatorial project based at Window Space on Whitechapel High Street taking place from January to June 2017 and born out of considerations around the physicality of space. The project develops through a series of five solo shows that challenge the idea of exhibiting artwork in a space that has limited access yet full visibility to the audience.

onepointfiveone aims to open up the Window Space beyond its real depth of approximately 1.51 meters into new spaces that blur the lines between reality and illusion. Each month, one artist reinterprets the Window Space as a layered form, questioning the multiple layers contained within a fixed depth and addressing the illusion existing beyond real and perceived dimension. Every solo show opens on the first Thursday of the month and is enriched by a public programme of commissioned performances, artist talks, and films beyond our 1.51 meters.

onepointfiveone is organised by London-based curators Caterina Avataneo, Rokhsane Hovaida, and Christina Makri.

Image of the window to the gallery. The word "privacy" is on the window.

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Opening day Every first Thursday of the month
Location Window Gallery, The Cass, Central House
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