Tessa Larcher
Tessa Larcher is in the first year of her Journalism BA (Hons) degree. Originally from Martinique, she talks about what she loves about the London life.

Hi Tessa! Could you tell us a bit about what your course is like?

I am currently in my first year of BA Journalism, which is a three-year course. We’re learning how to write different types of journalistic stories, report on and cover news, develop a range of writing skills for different media, and learn radio and television techniques. We also have amazing guest speakers who share their journalistic and other experiences with us. 

What about the lecturers?

They are really helpful and patient with all of us. I can feel that they really want us to progress and succeed in this course, and also they always remind us that it is important to keep the passion despite every struggle we meet. 

What are the facilities at London Met like?

I started the course during the pandemic, so it's been online so far. I’ve never been to the University, but you can still have easy access to their online facilities, like the library for example. We’re using the platform Weblearn where we can find the necessary learning materials from our different modules - every necessary element and tools - so we don’t feel lost. I hope when the University re-opens I’ll have the chance to see the Reporters' Room and use the radio and TV studios, and work on our projects there!

We hope so too! And how about life outside lectures? Any favourite London spots?

I’m a total geek! I’m a fan of animated movies and pop culture. I’m also a music lover and like to write poems, stories, and songs. When I go out I like going to karaoké with my friends. I also love going to the West End to watch musicals sometimes.

Wow, so you keep busy. What led you to choose London Met?

I tried to study before but I had to stop due to a relationship I was in, which made me lose confidence completely. I’ve got PTSD from it, so it was hard to regain confidence and motivation. After a long healing journey and the precious help of my therapist and my loved ones I started to feel way better. Recently I felt ready to go back to study, as I love writing and my best friends suggested that I take this course. I was worried about my English level, but it went well and now I’m enjoying the course and I’m re-gaining more confidence than before.

We're glad to hear you've settled into study well. How has your experience been so far?

I’m enjoying the course; I didn’t know it would be this interesting. I love writing and I’d like to write a book one day, but I wasn’t confident as I considered my English level was too low. This course makes me practice my writing like I always wished, I am improving and I’m feeling way more comfortable writing in English than before. I even surprised myself because I would never have known that I would manage to learn so much about journalism and the media. The courses are really interesting as we discuss interesting societal and media topics, we learn how to organize our ideas and understand them. I also feel like they really prepare us professionally by putting us in situations where we have to write, cover, and report the news, that’s why I like having Newsweek events!

Thanks for your insight into studying here. Last of all, what advice can you pass on to new students?

Don’t be too scared or too shy to ask your lecturers anything because they are here to help us, they want us to progress and succeed. Also, I believe it is important to keep the passion as it will give you motivation in tough times. Sometimes you will feel like it’s a lot of work to deal with, you will feel lost and will think about giving up. Organize your work by making a schedule and you will see it will become easier to deal with tasks, and the amount of work will appear smaller.

Tessa Larcher

"I also feel like they really prepare us professionally by putting us in situations where we have to write, cover, and report the news, that’s why I like having Newsweek events!"