Marjan Ziaee

Having graduated with an engineering degree and with considerable work experience behind her as office manager at a prestigious British engineering consultancy company Halcrow based in Tehran, Marjan Ziaee from Iran decided to boost her career by undertaking a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at London Metropolitan University.

What inspired you to come to the UK?

“I was inspired by the management concepts and practices at Halcrow so I decided to get into the world of management and learn this in the UK.”

How did you find London Met when you arrived?

She found London Metropolitan University the right place to study not only because of the value for money but also because of the great support she received from international staff from the very first moment she started her application process.

“As an overseas student, it was always reassuring to know that help and support was immediately available whenever I needed it.”

Her attitude and commitment towards her personal development and her programme helped her to become one of the most successful students in her group.

Can you describe the MBA programme?

The MBA programme is a very challenging and rewarding programme and that is exactly why it is highly appreciated by employers all around the world. The course structure, lecturers, multicultural environment and learning facilities provided me with a great and unique opportunity to develop invaluable management skills. It taught me the necessary skills to become a qualified manager who is able to deal with the challenges of a dynamic and fast changing business environment.”

What is your current role?

Marjan is currently the resource and planning manager of one of the leading food hygiene and health and safety consultants in London.

Marjan’s line manager who is the Head of the Human Resource Department says “This was Marjan's first job in the UK. She certainly hit the ground running, and managed to stay calm under huge pressure and quickly grasped and understood all aspects of the business. She has become invaluable to our business and is now placed strategically at the hub of it.”

Image of graduate Marjan Ziaee