Layla Armstrong
Layla Armstrong is a second-year Events Management BA (Hons)  student here at Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, we caught up with her to have an insight into her experience at London Met. 
What attracted you to the Events Management? 
My mum previously worked in events and she would always get me to help out as a runner for the event days, I loved being part of something so big and I loved getting involved in new things all the time.
Can you tell us a bit about your background? 
Well, where to start,  I live in Surrey and have grown up with a very creative background my whole life. I was always passionate about art, music, and photography, I was part of an orchestra for 12 years and loved to travel. As I got older I originally had an interest in Psychology & Sociology and wanted to progress to that through university. I started off doing a Foundation Year in Social Sciences but decided it just wasn't for me. During that year I helped out at an event run by a company called CE Media at an event called The Elite Business Show and it reminded me how much I loved being at events and working with them so that when I decided I would do events management and I knew straight away that this was what I was meant to be doing and building my future around. Currently aside from uni at the moment, i volunteer for Oxfam, holding an Oxjam Shoreditch event and I also Volunteer for ILEA.
How are you finding the course  London Met? 
Honestly, love it! 
I am so excited to start my second-year modules as it really dives into different aspects of events and I also get the opportunity to get some experience in the events industry, which is always key to have before you graduate.
What has been your highlight up to now? 
My highlight has been the opportunities the university has given me to explore my options into the events industry, as there are so many aspects of being involved in not-for-profit organisations, corporate, fashion, music or multicultural events I get to use my time outside of university wisely and explore what industry I want to dive into. The best being, when we had speaker Kevin Jackson and other board members of ILEA (formerly known at the time as ISES) come into our lecture spoke about what they do in the events industry and how we should prepare ourselves for it. I took this as a big opportunity and opening to get involved with a community full of professionals in the events industry so I signed up to the association and now a year later I am currently on their Programmes Committee volunteering my spare time to them to help organise events.
Describe your experience currently in one word?
How does your course prepare you for employability? 
Our course leader consistently sends us job opportunities, but it is down to yourself to get involved and gain the necessary experience. You can’t just rely on your degree to get a job you need both the degree and the experience.
Would you recommend this course to a friend if yes/no why?
Yes, i would if it’s something you are interested in, events is not a closed option course it opens you to other opportunities such as marketing, PR, advertising, operations, sales, management and loads more areas.
Tips for new and current students: 
University provides you with all the openings into the real world, so take them, act on them and get involved!