Greg Dyke

Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy by the University in 2015, Greg Dyke is a British journalist and broadcaster and is the chairman of The Football Association.

After a stint working for regional newspapers, Greg studied politics as a mature student at the University of York, where he later held the position of Chancellor between 2005 and 2015.  

After an early career as a journalist, he started his broadcasting career at London Weekend Television (LWT) where, after early success, he became Editor-in-Chief of breakfast station TV-am. Roles as Director of Programmes at Television South and Group Chief Executive at LWT (Holdings) plc followed before Granada’s takeover of LWT in 1994. Greg then joined Pearson Television as Chief Executive before guiding the consortium which created Channel 5 and became its first Chairman.

In 2000, he took over the helm of the BBC. As Director-General, Greg helped create the Freeview terrestrial digital transmission platform and successfully diversified the BBC’s workforce.

His most prominent roles since leaving the BBC in 2004 have been in football, film and theatre. Greg is currently Chairman of The Football Association as well as being Chairman of the British Film Institute and the Ambassador Theatre Group.