Yuen Lo

Lecturer in Economics and Operations Management within the Guildhall School of Business and Law.

More about Yuen Lo

Yuen completed his PhD in Applied Economics and Digital Finance at UCL in 2023. He has an MRes in Management and Finance from SOAS, and a BSc Economics from the LSE.

Yuen has extensive industry experience: he worked as an Investment Manager at a FTSE 100 Pension Fund for over a decade, and as a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager for two and a half years.

Yuen is currently module leader for International Logistics. He is also teaching on Understanding and Managing Data, Creating a Winning Business, and Digital Business Management and Emerging Technology modules. He is course leader for BSc Economics and Finance.

Research interests include the economics of blockchain, cryptoassets and climate finance.

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Yuen is an advisor to a venture studio on financial strategy and blockchain. In addition to being a lecturer at London Metropolitan University, he is a Senior Fellow at SOAS and an Honorary Research Fellow at UCL.

Dr Yuen Lo, Lecturer in Economics and Operations Management at the Guildhall School of Business and Law, y.lo@londonmet.ac.uk